Making a Movie (Part III): Post-Production

Here begins Part III in the three part saga “Making a Movie”.

Post production began about a month after the movie was filmed in its entirety. Every single clip we needed had been shot and now it was just a matter of putting it all together and adding the finishing touches to it. All in all it was a fairly smooth road, but even the least-bumpy of roads can have potholes here and there.

The real trouble wasn’t in the editing portion of it… That, in itself, was straightforward. The real problem began when the DVDs needed to be burned. Time after time I attempted to get the DVDs burned, realizing, only when they were finally on DVD, that there was something I had forgotten to do, such as add in text. For a week I went through this, staying up late one or two nights and getting up early a few mornings to get everything burned, but little avail came from my hard work.

At least that’s what I thought during the worst parts of it. Eventually, however, I managed to get everything onto a DVD and I handed out a copy to those who worked on the movie with us. And I must say, seeing a project like that that you had started several months ago finally on screen is a wonderful feeling. I couldn’t help but think “We have to do this again” or “I bet we can make the next one even better!”. And, to no one’s surprise, I’m sure, we’re already working on the script for our next movie which, I hope, will be even better than the last one.

In conclusion, this entire process was absolutlely wonderful. Not only did we get a movie out of it, but we strengthened friendships, learned a lot about making movies, and had an all around enjoyable time. Despite some bumps in the road, which, gladly, were few and far between, we completed something great, something worthwhile. Yes, we. No man or woman alive can make a movie alone… This was a team effort; one that I will never forget.

This thus concludes the saga “Making a Movie”.


Making a Movie (Part II): Filming

Here begins part two in the three part saga “Making a Movie”.

It took quite some time of planning things out before we were able to get everyone together to start filming. Everyone was excited and most had already donned their movie costumes and were ready to start filming. After a quick prayer, we filmed the first scene.

I knew that this was going to be a huge project to work on and that in no way possible it was going to be an easy feat. And for sure it wasn’t, especially when we got to Scene II. This scene had a huge amount of dialogue in it, particular story-related dialogue that had to be related clearly to the audience, lest they be lost in confusion. It must have taken a half-hour to film that scene, but the end product was astounding.

Scene III was fairly straight forward, but Scene IV was another difficult scene. That was due largely in part, again, to the fact that there was a lot of important information that, if the audience didn’t receive, would cause the story to become disorganized and make the movie less pleasant for the audience to watch because they would have to, rather than enjoying the movie, strain to understand what in the world was going on. But that scene, after another half- hour of filming, went by very smoothly and also became a great addition to the film.

Perhaps the second most difficult scenes were the fighting scenes which were mostly at the end. For the most part we improvised the fights and just made sure we knew where we were going, but other times we had to plan every step out because the scene had to be that way. One scene that comes to mind was one where the protagonists attempted to retake their castle from the hands of the Goblins. First off, we didn’t have a castle, so we had to base the scene in our backyard, and second, we had to figure out how to make it look like the heroes were entering the courtyard of the castle. To top that off, we also had to involve some level of fighting in the scene as they endeavored to break into the courtyard through force-of-arms. This scene must have taken forty-five minutes to complete. I can recall probably doing two or three “fake-actions” as we called it when we weren’t actually filming before we really started getting some shots.

All and all, it was a wonderful experience. There were some occasional rough spots, but the filming process went so well we continual called it “movie magic”. I especially enjoyed working with all the great people who were willing to put both time and effort into this sizeable project. Not only are they motivated individuals, they’re also some of my very close friends. God bless and thanks for your willingness to work so hard on the movie, guys. Those are memories I’ll never forget.

In the next part I’ll be going over the “Post-Production” stage of the movie, which had to be the second most aggrivating part of the entire movie-making process. You’ll see why in Part III…

Making a Movie (Part I): Pre-Production

Here begins the first part of the three part saga “Making a Movie”.

At some point in time, somewhere in mid-Summer, I believe, me and a couple of friends were stricken with an idea… How about we make a movie? Well, this seemed like something very productive and fun, so we decided to start up on it. The first thing we did was come up with a storyline and write a script… After that we developed a cast list for all our friends… But it wasn’t as easy as just “one, two, three”…

It really all started with having two of our good friends over to help start with the script. We got at least one or two scenes into it all before them both having to go. Then we would have another one or two of our friends come over to continue working on the script and that process was repeated several times until we had a good foundation. Then, it was just a matter of getting everything down on paper.

The cast list was fairly easy. We didn’t have auditions but rather casted all of our friends in roles that either they might have liked or roles we thought they’d fit well in. No one really was that picky as to what part they got because it was an honor just to be making a movie.

That ends “Making a Movie (Part I)”. In the next part I’ll be writing a bit about the actual filming of the movie, which was the second hardest part of the entire creation of the film. Hope you enjoyed this first part!