When Life Gives You Lemons…

…you make lemonade. This is perhaps one of the most overused platitudes in the history of humanity.

Overused? Yes. Still true? Yes. Why do I bring it up? More on that below.

My life has been crazy lately. What with our school’s play, Mock Trial, Mock Trial, more Mock Trial, and a church retreat thrown in here and there, I haven’t had any time for writing blog posts. Even now, I still have plenty of things on my schedule, and will have to write this post quickly for fear that I won’t get all my work done. Crazy, eh? Yeah. I agree.

You’ll be happy to know, though, that I’m still hard at work with writing. I’m 5,000 words into another fantasy novel, In the Name of Barthen Dur, and intend to work on it some this weekend (when I have a paucity of free time). I plan on submitting a novel to a publisher this year based upon plans I’ve been perfecting for awhile now. Whether or not this will amount to anything is anyone’s guess, but I hope and pray that it will. It’s been one of my pipe-dreams for some time now to get a book published. Not that the content of this blog would give you any hint of that. 😛

One more update on my writing:

Sometimes, when I think about what happened at Thaellon, I get shivers down my spine. I remember the chaos, the screams of anguish, the corpses littering the battlefield, and I feel hot tears run down my face. They burn my cheeks. They taste bitter against my tongue, as bitter as the blood of those who died. I wince when I remember seeing my friends cut down by my enemies, all the color and life draining from their young faces. Seeing them, in the flower of youth, as withered and decayed as roses in autumn, made me a different man. One does not see such sights and walk away unchanged.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the stumps where my feet had been only hours before. The tears were streaming now. I closed my eyes and tried to forget everything, but found myself incapable of doing so. The images still flashed before me in a grotesque phantasmagoria, as uncontrollable and inconsistent as rasping sobs. I knew it. The memory of battle would throb in me forever like sorrowful weeping.

How could I go on?

I wrote this for a mini-contest on Facebook. How does this relate to life? Or lemons? In no way whatsoever. But that’s the beauty of it. Right?

But here’s what the post, as a whole, has to do with the sage maxim: Life has been throwing me lots of lemons. I’ve been making lemonade by the tons. And, unfortunately, blogging has suffered as a result. 🙂

HOWEVER, I intend to write at least one post every week for the rest of this year. Even if they’re short and pathetic. Even if they’re verbose but don’t really say anything. Even if I’m sick and want to sleep. Even if I tell myself, “No one wants to read your blog!” Even if any of these circumstances arise, I will write posts. I will update this blog. I will persevere.

I will make lemonade!