DAY 34: A Glass of Water (Don’t Forget the Ice!) and Milk with Ice????

Have you ever drunk a glass of water, brimming with ice, on a pleasant summer day? If so, the content of this post will probably seemed cliched or banal to you; you may as well skip over the first half of this post. Go on ahead. Do it.

A refreshing glass of water, consummated by the addition of ice cubes

If you’re reading this, you’ve obviously disregarded my exhortations. That’s both flattering and hurtful. The notion that you want to read this post as much as you do fills me with joy, but the idea that you do not trust me when I adjure you cuts me to the quick.

Not really, of course. The above is mostly filler. A blogger takes what he can get, eh?

I’ve recently started drinking a lot of ice water. For the most part, I’ve not thought much of water; it’s just a simple necessity, and not worthy of enjoyment or delight. Admittedly, imbibing it after working a few hours on a balmy day is pleasant, but at any other time, it’s just a tedious thing we do.

Putting ice in that glass, though, adds a new layer of refreshment to it that I hadn’t expected was possible for it to achieve. Now, I look forward to filling that vessel with some of those pleasantly chilly little cubes, and draining the liquid slowly as I go about whatever business to which I might be attending. I’m drinking one right now, actually.

Then there’s milk with ice.

Your countenance has probably assumed an expression of bemusement and bewilderment. Go ahead and check it in a mirror. I’ll wait.

You probably didn’t listen to that exhortation either. But that’s alright. I’m used to it.

Milk, attended with ice, is actually wonderful! After some sessions of golfing last summer, I would go over to my friend’s house and hang out with him for awhile. Whilst there, he introduced me to this strange compound, and I was instantly delighted with it. It was the perfect blend of flavor and coldness that relaxed me after several hours of sweating in the burning sun. Try it! I warn you, however, that if you let the ice melt, the milk will take on a disagreeably pungent flavor, and will be VERY unpleasant to drink. But you probably won’t heed that exhortation, so I shouldn’t’ve bothered giving it….

I jest. I jest.

In Christ,



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