DAY 33: Blogging Recreance and the Evils of Procrastination

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted – almost a week, actually – and I am completely ashamed of my egregious behavior. In sooth, I have lost the blogging war, and crave the indulgence of my two opponents, Abby and John, so that I might continue to write without incurring the opprobrium of shirking my duty. I’ve had a terrible spell of weariness as of late, and, consequently, my writing, and will to write, has suffered.

The paragraph written above can be set into the two categories which compose the title of this post: “Blogging Recreance” and “The Evils of Procrastination”. I’ll start with the latter.

One of the major causes of this lengthy lapse in blogging has been procrastination. “I’ll do it another day,” the blogger always says, and, inevitably, this “another day” turns into a week, which transforms, anon, into a month. This is the scourge of every writer. Procrastination is absolutely unacceptable, and the surmounting of it is essential to achieve if anyone ever wants to be prolific in prose.

Another one is “Blogging Recreance”. In other words, the fear that, when you sit down to write, no ideas will come to mind, and that if ideas do come, you will not be able to do them justice because you don’t know how to write them out as you envisaged them. In truth, however, you will never learn how to write these vague ideas if you don’t try and suffer through them. That’s something that I have to learn to do constantly, unhindered by my fear of not doing my subject justice. Just take a deep breath, close your eyes, shake your hands a little bit, relax, and get started. Whatever comes out might be rubbish, but rubbish begets greatness. No one starts out excellent. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE.

I am going to attempt, as amends for my misdeeds, to write fifteen blog posts this late afternoon and evening. Whether or not I will succeed is to be seen later on. I trust, however, that God shall take me where He will, and that, whatever happens, all shall be well in the end!

In Christ,



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