DAY 24: After the Storm

Then, the rain ceases. The pattering upon the roof stops. All his still.

You gaze outside, and see the sun peeking out through the massive, sable thunder clouds. Then, rays of golden light shoot from behind the beasts and grace the ground in dappled patterns, bathing the whole world in a light more precious than it was before the tempest.

The storm is over. Lightning flashes distantly, but it is of little consequence; thunder can be heard faintly, but it despairs you not. The storm is over.

A beautiful picture of streams of golden light filtering through the clouds

The clouds, once dark, dangerous and malicious, now hang in the azure expanse, suffused with golden light. They have become like an artist’s painting, picturesque above the brightening landscape. They are God’s masterpieces, beautiful to behold. Once vessels of pain, they are now vessels of joy.

Then, the sun descends onto the western horizon, and the light changes. Yellow fades to orange and amalgamates with the sky, forming complex and breathtaking shades of purple and violet. The heavens become a mural. God moves His hand across the firmament, painting a picture with pastel watercolors. Each stroke is subtle, but brilliant. Wisps of cloud drift lazily in the distance; collections of massive titans bathed in orange and purple clump together and are formed into pleasant, beautiful shapes.

The people below smile, their gazes never averting from the sight which they witness above them. They are captivated by the beauty of God’s creation, uplifted by the power of His majesty. How much more it will be in heaven!

Sunsets are beautiful things. That’s another reason I like storms; following them, it is almost certain that there will be beautiful sunsets. Often when I see the sky in such vivid display, I can’t help but look up at it and keep my eyes fastened upon the firmament. It’s a truly wondrous thing.

All God’s magnificent paintings: His creation. Amazing!

It’s also very symbolic. When we come to a stage in our lives where we seem to be without hope – a storm, if you will – there’s always a light in the darkness, a hope in despair. No storm is perpetual. Every storm has its end. And when the Son finally comes out from behind the clouds, there will never be a storm again. The beauty of His coming will be exponentially greater than that of the sunset.

Unimaginable! God is so great!

In Christ,



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