DAY 19: Grass

Have you ever thought about grass before?

I’m going to guess not. To be truthful, I haven’t really either. But in my experience, though, the most seemingly insignificant ideas – the things that no one ever contemplates, or thinks of very little importance – can be the most powerful, in ways we might’ve never conceived.

A scene, from the first Lord of the Rings movie, "The Fellowship of the Ring", of Gandalf riding a cariole up the road to Bag End

The more I think about it though, the more I wonder: What would life be like without grass?

(Before I continue, picture Mordor, that dark and unforgiving landscape. Now, imagine a world where every place was like that)…

Bland, I should say. Consider what walking through a dusty field would be like, with naught but the rocks and protrusions to cut your toes as you ambulate. Contemplate what rolling hills would look like if they were devoid of grass. Imagine the greenest pastures filled with rock and dirt, the stiles and fences companionless, standing alone in the brown and bleak atmosphere, and the whole place bereft of that wonderful verdure.  God gave us this wonderful plant for a reason!

You might be wondering, “Where did he get an idea for a post like this?” The answer to that question would be this: “From what my eyes behold!” I was just looking out the window when I endeavored to write a post, and, on seeing our backyard, I thought, “Grass!”, and this post was born.

So, let’s not take grass for granted. Let’s not forget the way it graces our toes, sways in a cool summer wind, scintillates in the morning sunlight, harbors many crystalline dew drops, and brings pleasure to those who see it. Let’s always be thankful when we set our bare feet in a tuft of grass, and say, “Ah! How God has blessed us all!”

In Christ,



1 Comment

  1. May 24, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    I’ve always loved grass…

    And yes, you are getting desperate in your post making. Join the club 🙂

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