Soul Surfer

DAY 2:

There are some movies that touch our very inner being; that strike a resonating chord within our hearts. There are some that sing like larks in meadows, like maidens in glades, frolicking on river sides and laughing in the sunlight. There are some that are so moving – so powerful – that they are worth mentioning to others. Soul Surfer is one of these.

We went to see this movie a few days before I broke my wrist. Needless to say, having one ineffectual arm not only compelled me to learn what Bethany Hamilton went through, but also to be grateful for the two arms that I have. My radius will heal, but full human arms do not regenerate. Despite the similarities of our two situations, Ms. Hamilton’s is irreversible, and I cannot imagine what she felt when the incident transpired.

I’ve gotten ahead of myself, so let me backtrack. The movie opens, and we are introduced to Bethany Hamilton, a smart, beautiful, talented young lady who has everything this world admires: Guys, attractiveness, parties, and the whole social-elite gamut. Everything goes her way; no endeavor is left fruitless. She is, in earthly terms, the “embodiment of perfection.”

But when a shark attack threatens her life and, ultimately, deprives her of her left arm, things take a turn for the worst.

Or do they?

Depressed, Bethany seeks counsel from her mother, father and church devotional leader, hoping that they can explain to her why God would let something as terrible as this happen to her. They cannot answer, and, indeed, they don’t have to, because it becomes apparent later on what the Heavenly Father had in store for this young lady all along.

The rest of the movie, I cannot divulge to you, because it will ruin the experience if I tell you any more. Go see it, or buy it on DVD if you’re a procrastinator (like me :D); you will not regret it.

I leave you with this: In a world where movies are so devoid of all morality, spirituality, love and plain decency, this movie shines. I am not ashamed to say that I shed a few happy tears while watching this movie, and, indeed, confessing your tears to others would be no shame, either. This movie is worthy of every emotion it evokes from you; it is thought provoking, real, truthful, beautiful, and aspires to show a dark world what God really values: Unconditional love for all; the invalid, the poor, and the enemy alike.

What else does God really value? The heart. The best line in the whole movie summarizes this fact very clearly: “I’ve found that I can embrace the world better with one arm than I could with two.” Bethany Hamilton may have lost an arm, but her heart effloresced; as it is with all things, a seed must first be sown before a bed of roses can be grown.

Beautiful. Like a maiden singing in a glade, or a susurrant waterfall trickling down gleaming rocks. Don’t we need more movies like this?

Five stars.


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