Have you ever had one of those days, when you’re writing, where everything you write onto the page seems blocky or lengthy and, no matter how hard you try, the sentences you attempt to connect never seem to flow properly?

Well, I think I’m having one of those days.

I have a feeling everyone has had one day of absolute mental blockage every once in awhile. It’s not the question of whether we have it as much as it is the question of what we do with it. I think I have my answer to this question,  the answer of which I derived from the Reader’s Digest.

I was reading an article in the Reader’s Digest recently which was entitled “Inspiration V.S. Perspiration”. Unlike many of the articles in the book, which I skipped over, I read this one from top to bottom, and found that it described my problem very well.

It turns out that this “problem” is not as big as we usually think it is. At least, that’s what the author of the article thinks. He contradicts “inspiration” with “perspiration”, the inspiration being the days when words flow effortlessly from our fingertips to the page and the perspiration representing the days when every sentence is like a mile of a journey in the rain: soggy, hopeless, miserable, with no thought of respite any time soon. 

Well, I guess the point of this post was to let everyone know that it isn’t that bad to have a perspiration day. Even though I hate them and wish all of my days were inspiration ones, writing would be an easy experience if we didn’t have the hindrances to keep us on our toes. And writing, by no means, is an easy experience, but it’s one that is amazaing to undergo, even if it can be a little annoying every now and again.


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