Sonny with a Chance (You Guessed Right… Another Disney Channel Show) and Jonas

Again I return to the infamous topic of Disney Channel, one that, as I said before, I would be periodically returning to. Now, I intend to fulfill that promise.

At the beginning of the Summer (or perhaps earlier, I can’t remember), an advertisement on Disney Channel came out, repeatedly blaring “Sonny with a Chance! The newest Disney Channel Show! Premiering Friday!” Naturally we decided that we should at least watch the first episode to see what we thought of it, so we did. We weren’t let down.

The show both had moral and humor, the latter being in abundance. But aside from those facts, the humor in the show was actually fairly good when compared to other mediocre Disney Channel shows. We were pleasantly surprised and continued watching it.

But, as with most simple pleasantries, the goodness of that show was not to last. As the series progressed it became more ridiculous than ever, inevitably falling into the same “dating is everything” trap and “the more ridiculous the show is the better” pitfall. The humor started to dissolve into mindlessness that felt uncomfortable to watch, which is the worst kind of comedy in existence. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable when you’re watching a comedy, especially when it’s one that’s bordering on the edge of overflowing ridiculousness.

Maybe a month or two after Sonny with a Chance premiered, the first episode of Jonas was aired. Now at the time we hadn’t liked nor disliked the Jonas brothers, but when we started to watch the show a bit, we began to realize that they were fairly decent Christian people and that their family values seemed uncorrupted by the putrescence of Hollywood. At least, that’s what the Disney Channel videos show, anyway…

Unfortunately decent Disney Channel shows are starting to become an endangered species. Even the later episodes of Wizards of Waverly place are starting to dumb down the adults, and an example of which can be seen in the first episode of the new series when the dad mistook the correct spelling of a word as a “misspelling”.

It appears to me that Disney Channel has finally decided to throw away all thoughts of making decent entertainment and started focusing only on raking in as much dough as possible. Or, has that always been their goal?


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