Making a Movie (Part III): Post-Production

Here begins Part III in the three part saga “Making a Movie”.

Post production began about a month after the movie was filmed in its entirety. Every single clip we needed had been shot and now it was just a matter of putting it all together and adding the finishing touches to it. All in all it was a fairly smooth road, but even the least-bumpy of roads can have potholes here and there.

The real trouble wasn’t in the editing portion of it… That, in itself, was straightforward. The real problem began when the DVDs needed to be burned. Time after time I attempted to get the DVDs burned, realizing, only when they were finally on DVD, that there was something I had forgotten to do, such as add in text. For a week I went through this, staying up late one or two nights and getting up early a few mornings to get everything burned, but little avail came from my hard work.

At least that’s what I thought during the worst parts of it. Eventually, however, I managed to get everything onto a DVD and I handed out a copy to those who worked on the movie with us. And I must say, seeing a project like that that you had started several months ago finally on screen is a wonderful feeling. I couldn’t help but think “We have to do this again” or “I bet we can make the next one even better!”. And, to no one’s surprise, I’m sure, we’re already working on the script for our next movie which, I hope, will be even better than the last one.

In conclusion, this entire process was absolutlely wonderful. Not only did we get a movie out of it, but we strengthened friendships, learned a lot about making movies, and had an all around enjoyable time. Despite some bumps in the road, which, gladly, were few and far between, we completed something great, something worthwhile. Yes, we. No man or woman alive can make a movie alone… This was a team effort; one that I will never forget.

This thus concludes the saga “Making a Movie”.


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  1. November 3, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    That was really educational and entertaining to read. 🙂 I really like hearing about how you made your dreams come true. Keep it up, i wanna see more.

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