Making a Movie (Part I): Pre-Production

Here begins the first part of the three part saga “Making a Movie”.

At some point in time, somewhere in mid-Summer, I believe, me and a couple of friends were stricken with an idea… How about we make a movie? Well, this seemed like something very productive and fun, so we decided to start up on it. The first thing we did was come up with a storyline and write a script… After that we developed a cast list for all our friends… But it wasn’t as easy as just “one, two, three”…

It really all started with having two of our good friends over to help start with the script. We got at least one or two scenes into it all before them both having to go. Then we would have another one or two of our friends come over to continue working on the script and that process was repeated several times until we had a good foundation. Then, it was just a matter of getting everything down on paper.

The cast list was fairly easy. We didn’t have auditions but rather casted all of our friends in roles that either they might have liked or roles we thought they’d fit well in. No one really was that picky as to what part they got because it was an honor just to be making a movie.

That ends “Making a Movie (Part I)”. In the next part I’ll be writing a bit about the actual filming of the movie, which was the second hardest part of the entire creation of the film. Hope you enjoyed this first part!


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